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Dale Duffy
Inspect Arizona Comapanies
(602) 402-5305

BC Warner Inspections

Serving Dayton, Cincinnati, and all of west central Ohio

David A. Andersen & Associates

Providing Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection Services for Industrial - Commercial - Residential and Equine applications as a solution to a vast number of diagnostic problems which can be evaluated by the altered heat signature which all things on earth emit.

We service Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis,Tennessee and other select National locations.  We also work in Association with a dozen strategically located Thermographers across the United States. 

Oklahoma Thermal Infrared Imaging

Charley Bottger

CMOR Thermography Commercial Building Property Condition Assements Structural Electrical Mechanical
Industrial/Commercial/Residential/Equine Thermal  Imaging 
Oklahoma Texas Kansas Missouri Arkansas